Urbanisation is a global trend, giving pressure to the local community, from transportation, land use, town planning, energy and infrastructure.  At the same time, technology is advancing fast.  As a business committed in providing ICT solutions to make city smarter and people live better, we must look ahead and prepare ourselves to cope with the current and future market needs.   It is thus crucial to create a Pathway for our business to continue to survive and grow, as a business, and mutually with our smart technologies partners.

Our Vision

  • To make city smarter…
  • To help people live better and happier…
  • To innovate and create values.

Our Mission

Our mission crafts the Pathway on every facet of our business by guiding what we need to achieve so as to grow continuously and sustainably.

  • Be an enjoyable place to work where people choose to develop their career and succeed.
  • Bring to the world a portfolio of technologies that can make people live better and smarter.
  • Nurture a sustainable relationship with clients and innovators to provide synergised values.
  • Be a responsible stakeholder and a key contributor to support sustainable communities.
  • Maximise long-term return to shareholders without compromising our overall responsibilities.
  • Be a highly innovative, effective, lean and fast-moving organisation.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Be honest and real
  • Accountability: Count on us
  • Responsiveness: Take priority of clients as ours
  • Leadership: Be brave to innovate and execute
  • Collaboration: Leverage and grow together
  • Passion: Drive from heart
  • Quality: Only the best