Starting up a green tech business in Hong Kong? What are the priority themes of the HK$200 mil Green Tech Fund?

Getting funding is always vital for startups. If you plan to start up a business in Hong Kong in one of the following areas, you may consider applying for the Green Tech Fund.

  • Decarbonisation and Energy Saving
    • Renewable Energy (RE)
    • Energy Efficiency and Conservation
    • Carbon Removal Technologies
    • Hydrogen Economy
  • Green Transport
    • Promotion of Electric Vehicles (EVs)
    • Giving Second Life to EV Batteries
  • Waste Management
    • Plastics Challenge
    • Facilitating development of circular economy:
    • Applications of recycled materials from existing and potential Producer Responsibility Schemes (PRSs) in local context; and technology advancement to increase the efficiency and carbon reduction of the collection and recycling for our recyclables
    • Reuse & Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
    • Recycling and Treatment of Non-inert Construction Waste
    • Leachate TreatmentMunicipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging
  • Air Quality
    • Monitoring of Air Quality
  • Water Quality
    • Mitigation of odour from polluted water channels and near-shore waters
    • Monitoring and interception of microplastics from emission sources
    • Remote sensing applications for remediating marine environmental incidents
    • Application of eco-shoreline for enhancing bio-diversity and improving water quality

The local government has set up a HK$200 million Green Tech Fund (GTF) to fund research and development (R&D) projects which help Hong Kong decarbonise and enhance environmental protection. Local public research institutions, R&D centres and private companies undertaking these projects can now get better and more focused funding support.

GTF funding support ranges from HK$2.5 million up to HK$30 million per project.

More details can be found here.