How to start an acoustics consultancy covering sound, noise and vibration

The golden rule is to win trust from the clients. Of course, you have to have the necessary experience, knowledge and professional qualifications.

Depending on the markets you serve, you likely are a qualified member of one of these organisations.

  • ASA
  • IOA
  • MIOA

It is always an advantage if you are also proficient with some software and hardware tools. Some examples include

  • Sound level meter
  • Acoustic Camera
  • Building acoustics instruments
  • Road noise prediction software

Keep up to date with the latest trends and knowledge is also very important. Attend some of the recent webinars.

  • Noise policies in Thailand
  • Hong Kong noise policies

There are also international conferences:

  • ASA
  • Internoise
  • ICSV

Join online community

  • Linkedin group on soundscape in action
  • Linkedin group for ASA