ESG Dashboard

Ecoguru provides a simple and easy ESG report generator to help you comply with the HKEx requirements on environment, social and governance performance reporting.

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Recently, due to the raising awareness of sustainability, environmental, social and governance (ESG) is now playing a more important role when companies make their business plan. A new listing rule on environmental performance disclosure in Hong Kong has been introduced.

With respect to this relatively new requirement, listed companies are already preparing themselves for ESG reporting internally or finding external environmental professionals or ESG expertise to disclose their environmental information, but both of these parties suffer from the same problem. They do not know where and how to start collecting the right data from the right person or department.

Our Unique

ESG Dashboard is the first-of-its-kind on the cloud-based report generator in Hong Kong that assists environmental managers or compliance managers to disclose their environmental performance. It is designed and built leveraging the team architect’s 20+ years  of unique environmental IT knowledge and experience developing and deploying environmental data management systems for both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong.


  • CO2 Emission Calculator;
  • GHG Conversion;
  • Multi-user Collaboration;
  • No prerequisite knowledge or skill required;

With our handy data conversion tool, producing an ESG report will be easier and quicker than before, it saves your time and money as well as provides you a peace of mind.

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