ESG Report

Next generation avatar robot

If you’re interested in #robot#avatars from #japan, you may want to check this out ^_^

A joint project team of #Knowledge#Capital participants, X:Presence, will present their ongoing development of the future avatar robot.

Integrating a variety of latest technologies, such as #robotics#telecommunication#haptics#visualization and #virtualreality, the project aims to create an epoch-making experience of avatar system with seamless interaction of the real and #virtual world. It was originally initiated in an attempt to participate in the global #technology#competition#ANA Avatar XPRIZE hosted by X Prize #Foundation and sponsored by ANA HOLDINGS INC. and it has been powered by coordination of Knowledge Capital with many other partners.

During the session, the project leaders will provide a fuller picture of their vision, ongoing development of the avatar robot, and demonstration of the prototypes created through collaboration of different technological and #artistic#professionals.

Participation fee: #Free
* The entire content will be delivered in #English.

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