Making a city smart relies very much on the joint effort of everyone. We need the help and support of all the stakeholders.

According to Linda Bergset and Klaus Fichter, start-ups are key market actors in developing and introducing radical sustainable innovation(#1). After all, starting up is not an easy task.

Smart City Maker is thus created as a platform to assist your journey to earn and live a better life. We share latest trends on technologies, success stories, and tips that may help you start up and sustain your business and hopefully grow it to make a significant impact on your community and society.

Timing is considered to be one of the most important success factors for startups.  It is thus important to capture the trending of your target markets.  For example:

  • US (coming soon)
  • Japan (coming soon)
  • Hong Kong
  • UK 
  • Korea (coming soon)
  • Germany (coming soon)

Stay tuned on the trendings!